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Dawbuts Animal Health

Improving Australian Livestock Health

Dawbuts actively supports animal health in the agricultural, livestock, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. Through our services, we aim to improve the general health and well-being of all species of livestock. Furthermore, we aim to enable farmers, veterinarians, and rural retailers to maximise animal production and welfare.

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Our Services


Laboratory Diagnostics

Worm Egg Counts, Worm IDs, FECRTs & ASBVs

Sustainable worm management relies on monitoring worm egg counts and regular drench resistance tests. We assist you with a wide range of lab-based parasite diagnostic tests.


Consultancy & Advice

Qualified Vet Consultancy & On-Farm Advice

Based on the latest scientific evidence, we provide on-farm advisory, and industry specific advice to enable maximum welfare, production and health outcomes for all classes of livestock.



On-Farm Training Packages

Participants are provided with adequate knowledge to confidently tackle the issues of animal health, production and bio-security.

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Farm Management Tools

Some handy information in regards to livestock management. See our protocols, checklists, and submission forms.

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Worm Egg Test Kits

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Our Worm Egg Count Test Kits are charged upfront at $15 each. This comes off the final test price once the test is completed. You will be invoiced upon receipt of order.

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Sampling & Submitting

Dawbuts' Best Practice for sending in faecal samples

  1. Collect sample in the tray provided using one of the following methods:

    A) Sample directly from the rectum of 15 animals selected randomly from the entire mob.

    B) Calmly move mob into a clean section or corner of the paddock or yard, and hold them for 10-15 minutes. After you have moved them on, collect 15 separate, fresh samples of dung. Fill the collection wells, but don’t let them overflow. Try to avoid putting in grass, dirt, or seeds in with the samples.

  2. Seal airtight by firmly pressing edges and surrounds of wells on the tray.

  3. Place the collection tray in the zip lock bag and place this back into the cardboard box.

  4. Fill out request form. Make sure to fill out all sections.

  5. Include the completed request form inside the box, on top of the zip lock bag (not inside the bag with the collection tray).

  6. Place box in REPLY-PAID post bag and send via Australia Post Express Post. (YELLOW Post Box or at the counter of your local Australia Post outlet)

  7. Keep the yellow sticker with the Australia Post Express tracking number. This will help keep track of the package, should the delivery take longer than expected.

  8. Make sure to send the samples as soon as possible! (preferably the same day) If this cannot be done keep the sample in a cool, dry place, but DO NOT refrigerate as it will destroy the chance to conduct larvals effectively and accurately.

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Contact Us

To find out more about how Dawbuts may be able to help you, fill out the form below, or give us a call.

9 Mitchell St, Camden NSW 2570, Australia

(02) 4655 6464

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