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Also known as a drench resistance test (DRT). All FECRTs are tested using Mini-FLOTAC - Australia's most sensitive egg count method. We also include a Worm ID  (larval differentiation) on all drench groups. This shows the producer how effective each drench is on each worm type. ​

Sheep Drench Resistance Test

Our research shows that 96% of Australian sheep properties have drench resistance. There is no better way to reduce the cost of drenching and increasing the efficacy of drench than doing a DRT on your own sheep. This gives you accurate data showing what resistance is on your property and enabling you to make calculated management decisions, decreasing production costs and increasing production.

Cattle Drench Resistance Test

With a WEC of 50-150 epg proven to impact average daily gain (ADG) in cattle by approximately 5% and lactation by 5-10%, it is important to drench effectively. The Cattle DRT allows the farmer to see exactly what drenches are most effective and what types of worms have developed resistance. The data from this DRT on your farm will give you the information you need to make calculated management decisions decreasing costs and increasing production.

On-Farm Sheep/Cattle Drench Resistance Test

We will come to you. Dawbuts will do your drench test for you. This is a great way to conduct a DRT efficiently and effectively. Included in this service is a post DRT consultation, giving you the ability to make a proactive management plan using accurate data from your own farm.

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