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Pooled Faecal Egg Counts

Dawbut's pooled tests consist of 15 samples which are divided into 3 pools with each pool representing 5 animals. The pooled test provides averages for worm burden in the mob however it DOES NOT provide information on the variation of worm burden within your herd or flock. Some information on worm distribution in the mob can be obtained using pooled samples, and is conducted at a lower cost than individual counts.

Our pooled tests are conducted using one of two methods, McMaster or Mini-FLOTAC.

The McMaster method is the traditional standard when it comes to parasitology and worm egg counts. On the submission form, it is just referred to as an Basic Pooled. We use this test for basic herd checks and monitoring purposes. Use this method if you just wish to see if your herd has worms or not. For sheep, results are reported at 50EPG. For cattle, we report results at 20EPG.

The Mini-FLOTAC method is our sensitive test. On the submission form, it is referred to as a Sensitive Pooled. This test should only be used if you want a slightly more detailed pooled result. The results are reported at a sensitivity of 5EPG.

Pooled Tests: List
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