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Webinars & Videos

Dr Matthew Playford has delivered a number of useful webinars for Dawbuts. Topics covered include sheep worms and drench resistance through to controlling worms in beef cattle. Click through to see these useful videos in full.


When participating in Drench Tests or other farm management practices, there are protocols that must be followed to help us provide accurate results in a safe environment. We have put together a list of appropriate guidelines to follow when participating in our programs.


To assist in the preparation of basic farm management practices, and to prepare for drench tests, we have created several checklists. Following these will hopefully help you be fully prepared and not get caught out come showtime.

Submission Forms

In case you have misplaced your submission forms, we have provided generic copies. We ask that you please fill out every section as accurately and neatly as possible. It helps in the fast processing of your samples.


The most sensitive faecal worm egg count method!

Dawbuts is excited to provide a breakthrough for cattle and livestock farmers. We are offering Australia’s most accurate worm egg count service, utilising the innovative sensitivity of Mini-FLOTAC.


Webinars & Videos

Drench Resistance: It's Time to Act!

Webinar by Dr Matthew Playford titled “Drench Resistance: It’s Time to Act!”. A good introduction to sheep worms and drench resistance.

Controlling Worms in Beef Cattle

Webinar hosted by Agriculture Victoria featuring Dr Matthew Playford about controlling worms in beef cattle.

Worms: Count and Control. Test, Treat, Gain

Webinar hosted by Techion, the creators of the FecPakG2 technology for on-farm worm egg count identification.



Sheep Drench Test Protocol

Cattle Drench Test Protocol



Pre-Lambing Checklist

Drench Test Checklist


Submission Forms

Generic Submission Form

Horse Submission Form