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On-Farm Training Packages

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Dawbuts’ aim is to provide its training participants adequate knowledge to confidently tackle the issues of animal health and production.

We acknowledge that training is often just a requirement of the job. However, we know that when using the right approach, it can also be fun! That’s why we use educational principles to ensure that all training Dawbuts conducts is not just informative, but also challenging, inspiring and enjoyable.

Our modules are prepared and presented in a way that participants enjoy the time they commit to the course, and find that learning can be a fun and light-hearted experience.

The Agsafe ‘Animal Health’ training in collaboration with the Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association (VMDA) is used as an industry standard to introduce staff of animal health companies to the fundamentals of safe chemical usage.

Training Courses include:

  • Advanced parasitology – 2 days

  • Animal health and production – 6 months

  • Animal nutrition – 1 day

  • Preparation for lambing – 1 day

  • Preparation for lamb marking –1 day

  • Preparing for calving –1 day

  • Preparation for Weaning – 1 day

  • Biosecurity – 1 day

  • Biosecurity for farmers – 1 day

  • AgSafe Chemical Handling – 1 day

  • Lifetime Ewe Management Course (RIST) – 12 months

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